9-year-old girl born without hands wins award for her cursive writing

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- A 9-year-old girl has been honoured with two national awards in the Unites States

- The little girl who was born without hands was given the award for her exceptional skill in writing

Anaya Ellick, a 9-year-old has achieved an outstanding feat after she received two national awards for her exceptional writing skills. The little girl is a third-grader in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States. The 9-year-old's achievement is remarkable because she has found a way to be the best at writing despite the fact that she was born without hands. Ellick was named the winner of the 2018 Nicholas Maxim Award, part of the 2018 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, on Thursday, April 26.
The award recognizes students with special-needs who have developed an exceptional skill in handwriting. In 2016, the 9-year-old was also named winner of the contest's print category. It was gathered that the little who doesn't use prosthetic hands, learned how to hold a pencil between her arms to draw and write.
Ellick who goes to Greenbrier Christian Academy has been praised by her teachers for her outstanding determination to achieve her goals. Tracy Cox, the principal of Greenbrier Christian Academy revealed that she gave Ellick the idea to enter the contest. In an interview with ABC News, Cox stated that the little girls is hardworking and determined. She said: "She is a hard worker, she is determined. She is independent. She is a vivacious and a no-excuses type of young lady."
Her teacher, Sarah Cannaday, described her as a role model to other students. "Her classmates see her and see her doing the same tasks they are and they are often amazed that she can do just as well as they do, sometimes even better." The contest organisers also stated that the little girl had been determined to come back and win the cursive writing award. “Anaya does not let anything stand in her way of reaching her goals,” Cox wrote after Anaya won the 2018 award. “She ... has some of the best handwriting in her class. Her determination is inspiring and contagious to all of us at Greenbrier Christian Academy.”
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