Children Alphabetic Learning Application

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The Development Children Alphabetic (ABC) Learning Application















The high level language used is the Visual basic.Net programming language. This language is used to enables intending users of the program to in-depth knowledge of the program.
This is because Visual basic programming language is easy to understand and comprehend Visual basic has facilities that helps for versatility in applications.

The new system design require some basic component both in hardware and software which must be met for the full implementation of the new system. These requirement are categorized in the following heading
This has to do with the basic hardware needed by the new system for optimal performance. Any system design will include the following.
A Pentium III and above (processor)
A memory (say 256 MB) RAM SIZE and above
A visual Display Unit (monitor SVGA 14”)
A Hard disk (50% 60G) or higher size other hardware component includes the mouse, the keyboard and the LaserJet (black and white printer)

The operating system could be any of the following: Windows 2000, windows xp professional or windows server 2003 or any other operating system.

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