How to Get Your Free International Mastercard Card in Nigeria

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How to Get Your Free International Mastercard Card in Nigeria

If you’re bent on making money online in Nigeria legitimately, then you’ll find more than enough opportunities to tap from — both within and outside the country.

It’s a no brainer, though, but the foreign programs are far more reliable and lucrative. And that’s cool, since most of them allow and accept Nigerians.

Before now, most of the foreign online affiliate programs and online revenue handling companies offer only PayPal and Check as payment options. And that was quite worrisome for most Nigerians; receiving money through check is an intricate process, while receiving money through PayPal was impossible — and is still impossible.

But for some years now, one blessed company called Payoneer has been to the rescue of many Nigerians, helping them to achieve their dream of making money online from foreign programs.

Payoneer issues a prepaid debit Mastercard card that can be used to receive money directly from many online platforms such as freelance job sites (e.g. Freelancer and Elance), affiliate programs (e.g. Markethealth), pay-per-click programs (e.g. Infolinks), and many others.

More interestingly, Payoneer issues U.S. virtual bank accounts to interested users and links those accounts to the users’ cards. So, with that you can receive payments from online platforms that pay through the direct deposit (ACH) option, which is now very popular.

Now, you can receive your earnings from most online revenue programs — thanks to Payoneer. Using a Payoneer card, you can withdraw your earnings from most ATMs in the country.

No doubt, Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal that is available to Nigerians.

With all of the above in mind, let me now walk you through the process of getting your own Payoneer Mastercard card here in Nigeria.

How to request your Payoneer Mastercard card

Note: Before proceeding to request a Payoneer card, you must have any of the following government-issued ID documents:

  • International passport
  • Driver’s license
  • National ID card

Aside being required to enter the number on your government-issued ID document, you’ll also be required to submit a scanned photo of the document from time to time for verification purposes.

So, if you don’t have any of the above listed ID documents, stop reading this post right now, and get one first before requesting your card.

You’ve got one of the documents? Great! Then carry on with the following steps…


On the home page, move your mouse pointer to the “Receive & Withdraw” link in the top menu. A dropdown menu will appear. Select “Prepaid Mastercard Card” from that menu (see red arrow in screenshot below):

On the next page that appears, click the “Sign Up Now” button (see red arrow in screenshot below):


You’ll be taken to the first page (Getting Started) of the sign up form and will be required to enter the following:

  • Your first name (exactly as it appears on your ID document).
  • Your last name (exactly as it appears on your ID document).
  • Your email address.
  • Your date of birth (exactly as it appears on your ID document) — use the popup calendar box.

After entering all the details, double-check to ensure that you’ve not made any mistake. Then click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

On the next page (Contact Details) of the sign up form, you’ll be required to enter the following:

  • Your country (select Nigeria).
  • Your street address.
  • Your city.
  • Your postal/zip code (enter 11001 or 110001).
  • Your phone number (select the “mobile” option, select “Nigeria (+234)” from the international code list, and then enter your mobile phone number without the initial “0” — e.g. 8062357604 instead of 08062357604)

After entering the required details, double-check for errors, and click the “Next” button

The next page you’ll see is the Security Details page, where you’ll be required to select your password as well as security question and answer.

Warning: Don’t ever forget your security question and answer. I strongly recommend that you choose a question you can easily answer without racking your brain!

After entering the required details, click the “Next” button.


You’ll be taken to the last page of the sign up form, where you’ll be required to select the type of government-issued ID document you have (driver’s license, international passport, or national ID card).

Once you select your ID type, some fields would appear so you can enter the details of the document, such as expiry date, country of issue, and number.


Just below that, you will see the “Enter alternate shipping address” part. If you’re cocksure that you do receive mails by post at the home address you submitted earlier (the address on your ID document), don’t bother checking this box.

But if you’ve never received posts by mail to that address before or you’re not sure whether you can, it’s better to choose a different shipping address (that is, the address to which your card will be shipped). You’re allowed to include a include a P.O. box in that address (but still include your home address first — in the first address field — and enter your P.O. box number in the second address box).

Next, proceed to check the three agreement boxes, and click the “Order” button.

The next page will display a message confirming that your application has been received and is being reviewed. You will receive the same message via email.

Within 3-5 business days, you should receive another email from Payoneer, stating whether your card has been shipped or not.

Once your card has been shipped, wait for up to 28 days to get it delivered to your stated address. As for me, I’ve received a Mastercard card from Payoneer on 3 different occasions, and in each instance I received the card at my Abeokuta address within 20 days after shipping.

If you’ve not received your Payoneer card after 30 days, then visit the nearest post office to make enquiries about the card. It could be that the card has been delivered there but wasn’t brought to you.

However, if you still cannot find or receive your card, you will have to request another one. In that case, I’d strongly recommend that you use another delivery address or P.O. box — one that has been used severally to receive post mails.

If you use an ambiguous address again, you risk losing the card the second time. And if that happens, you’ll be required to pay $50 before a third card can be shipped to you. Now, that’s a decent amount of money — a price you can avoid paying by being extremely careful with your choice of delivery address.

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