The Challenges Of IT Software Marketing in Nigeria Research Question

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Dear Respondent,
I, Lawrence O. John., a final year undergraduate of Taraba State University, Jalingo, am carrying out a research on “the challenges of IT software marketing in Nigeria” (A case study of Jalingo metropolis) as part of the requirements for the award of B.Sc. honours.
Please respond to each of these items below by ticking in the appropriate box provided and giving your own opinion where necessary. I assure you that all the information given shall be used only for this project and shall be treated with utmost confidentiality.
Yours faithfully
Lawrence O. John.


                                                         PROJECT ABSTRACT
Software is at the heart of the global knowledge economy. The increasing adoption of ICT enabled tools and technologies further enhance the value of software. Software presents Nigeria with an opportunity to take high up position in the global ICT value chain. The value chain consists of the creators, distributors, resellers and consumers. To make sense of the ICT revolution, forward-thinking countries ensure that they carve out a niche in the high value, creative portions of the value chain. Nigeria is Africa’s busiest ICT market because of the trading, importing and consumption in ICT. But these alone are not strengths in the new economy. Software opportunities can unleash the potentials of the Nigerian nation. Despite all this, software developer are faced with a lot of challenges in marketing this software’s and this will be the focused of this research work. This project deals with the challenges of IT software marketing in jalingo metropolis. The purpose of the study conducted was to better understand the way Taraba State. I.e Jalingo software companies relate to the international software market by comparing the perceptions of entrepreneurs and those of government agency officials responsible for increasing Nigerians participation in the international software market and To find out the Major challenges of facing this software marketing in Jalingo metropolis and Nigeria at large . The surveys covering the software product companies and has revealed several interesting findings on software product companies. Most notably, the software companies have shown to be dynamic and resilient in challenging business environment; and their biggest challenges in growth are not technical but management and marketing related. Furthermore, we also discovered that the most important improvement areas are improving the degree of productization and level of competence of personnel and that the ability to network with other companies is critical for younger companies. This survey also revealed that Nigerian software companies perform poorly with regard to levels of exporting their products and services for a number of reasons, among which the most outstanding is that they still think that the internal market offers enough challenges and opportunities.

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